Hello World! My name is Eugene R. Plowden II and I am the creator of the comic strip Jumpkick! I would like to thank you for coming by and visiting my site. The purpose of this site is to entertain the world with humor, good story telling and education. The two things that I have done the more than anything in my life is draw, and study martial arts so it only made since for me to put them together.  I began my martial arts training under the instruction of my uncle Richard Plowden in 1988 in Detroit Michigan. Martial Arts is an activity that is near and dear to the members of my family. We currently have seven black belts in our immediate family. Some of us love it, some of us are in love with it and some of us are obsessed with it. My best friends and their families were also involved with this activity. I wouldn’t have been able to escape it if I tried.

People begin martial arts training for various reasons. I wanted to be like my heroes, my father and my uncle. They were black belts and my brother and I wanted to be like them. We wanted to win trophies and get our names in magazines. But over time without realizing it you learn other skills that you implement in into your daily life. The thing that some people who aren’t martial artist don’t understand is that martial arts are more than punching and kicking. Being focused, showing patience, having self-confidence and being disciplined are all skills that I have developed because of martial arts. Those skills most definitely helped me putting together this project. I had to have the confidence in myself that I could create this project. I had to be disciplined enough to stick with the project especially when life threw me those curve balls. It was a challenge staying focused creating this project and learning to become a father at the same time but I did it. I am very proud of myself for staying patient and spending three years learning the craft of cartooning and the webcomics business model.

I hope you enjoy my brand of entertainment and continue to come back frequently. Jumpkick is just the beginning and I am very excited for you all to meet and fall in love with all of my characters.