What’s Up Kicksquad! Thank you for being patient these last couple of months. I have been very busy with work, I have a full-time job, part-time job, teach martial arts and aerobic kickboxing, not to mention being the father to a two year old busy-body. I have had very little time to update Jumpkick, but I did read the Twitter messages, Facebook messages, and emails. You guys showed me that you were ready for more and were eager to see where this story goes. I appreciate you all for enjoying the strip and taking time out of your day and allowing me to entertain you. What I’m going to do with this blog is give you a little update as to what I’ve been up to these last two month. Enjoy. 


     In December my family traveled to Playa del Carmen, Mexico for my brother’s destination wedding in paradise. This was my first time traveling outside of the country by air so I was really anxious to get it over with. It’s a little stressful traveling and I’m not a fan of airports, going through security and flying……everyone who knows me knows that I hate flying. I won’t go off into a tangent, I will save that for another day. Now back to my trip……I sure am glad I didn’t have a connecting flight because the plane left Metro-Detroit a hour late. I can’t really complain about the flight because it was very smooth with very little turbulence. Now I wish someone would have told me that once I got off of the plane I was going to be bombarded by all these so called “taxi” services. I selected one and was surprised when they informed me that my taxi ride from the airport to Playa del Carmen would be 100.00 American dollars and I had to pay in advance for them to pick me back up from my resort when it was time to return. The trip wasn’t starting off too good. While waiting for my taxi to pull up we had to go over to a desk where a guy ask me if I wanted to get my money back. I immediately smiled and wanted to know how I could get a refund. The guy tells me I needed to go to a “presentation” and just listen to the presenter and I could get my money back. The guy also offered us a bottle of Tequila and a bottle of Kahlua. OK now I knew what was going on. This was just like that time share presentation I attended a couple of years ago in Vegas. I didn’t care I wanted my money back so if I had to sit through a 90 minute presentation to get my 100.00 dollars back I was game. They set up our appointment for the next morning at 8:00 am and after a thirty minute wait our taxi pulled up and we were on our way to The Grand Riviera Princess Resort.   

     My family and the wedding party stayed at The Secrets Capri Riviera. This resort was very nice but a little out of my price range so Crystal and I stayed at Grand Riviera Princess Resort. This was an absolutely beautiful resort. We actually got a great rate with Expedia for this all-inclusive resort. Once we checked in they informed us that we were a little early and couldn’t go to our room yet. We were very hungry and thankfully they allowed us to go to one of the hotel buffets and have lunch. I was surprised. I thought I was going to get some authentic Mexican food. Nope. The food was the same stuff I could get at any buffet here in Detroit. I was expecting some type of specialty Tacos, some exclusive burrito that was only found in Mexico or maybe a five layer nacho surprise. I saw chicken, hamburger, pizza, fish, hot dogs and deli food. Now they say never drink the water in Mexico, so for the three days I was there, the only thing I drank were vodka and pineapple beverage or frozen margarita. The only time I had pop or water was when I went to the stocked fridge in my room and got a bottled beverage. Once settled in my room…..it was nap time! I can’t sleep on planes and our flight was suppose to be at 8:00am, that meant we were at the airport at 6:00 and I got up at 4:30. Hey I was tired. Once we woke up we decided to walk around the resort. Our resort was so huge we had to take a little trolley to get around. On the way to the center of the resort we saw a strange animal walking around. This thing scared the crap out of me. It looked like a mix between a fox and a raccoon. This thing came running out one of the pantries as we turned the corner after we left our room. I can’t remember the name of this animal. I didn’t like it. We finally make it to the center of the resort and it was very lively. Vendors were selling clothes, jewelry and pieces of art. It was very festive. We decided to stop at one of the restaurants and have a nice dinner. Their were lots to choose from. The first place we went to they informed us that we needed a reservation in order to eat there and I needed to have on long pants and a shirt with a collar. On to the next one. We get to the next restaurant and its the same thing. We decided to go back to the concierge to find out what was going on and what were the rules to this place. Yup every restaurant you needed to place a reservation before you dined there and you needed long pants and a collar shirt. So back to the buffet we went. The two buffets didn’t have a dress code and you didn’t need a reservation. The food was good at the buffet so no complaints. After dinner we walked around a little more and then hopped back on the trolley and headed back to the room. I kept my eyes opened wide for that damn animal. It wasn’t going to sneak up on me again…. Back in the room I turned on the TV and could only find 5 or 6 stations that were in English and nothing good was on. I hooked up my lap top to the tv and we watched a movie I had downloaded and saved. After that lights out. I was beat. Oh yea I almost forgot….we had to be at that presentation at 8:00am. I had to get my cab money back. 

     That was the end of day one. Check back Tuesday for day two.