About Jumpkick


Jumpkick is an all ages gag a day comic strip about two brothers (RJ and Angel Miller) who parents enroll them in their cousins martial arts academy. At Renaissance Martial Arts Training Center in Detroit, Michigan. The boys interact with their cousins, classmates, instructors and meet new friends. The instructors at the training center help the students learn self-control, self-defense, self-respect and improve their self-confidence.


About the Main Cast


Rashad Miller JR aka RJ

RJ pic

Meet Rashad Miller Jr. aka RJ. RJ is a shy young man who has dreams of one day becoming an author. His parents decide to enroll him in martial arts lessons at their cousins academy. His parents believe that martial arts will help him with self-confidence and help him to improve his social skills. RJ does not want to be a tough guy and is not interested in this physical activity. RJ doesn’t understand that martial arts is more than punching and kicking. His best friends, younger brother, and cousin are all determined to help RJ break out of his shell.


Angel Miller

Angel pic

Meet Angel Miller. Angel is RJ’s younger brother. He has a very unique imagination and is always up for any challenge. Angel keeps his parents on their toes with his mischievous behavior and unlimited amount of energy. Angel believes that one day he will grow up to be a ninja, a stuntman, and conduct secret missions. Angel loves martial arts and believes he will one day become a world champion.


Silas Lee

silas pic

Meet Silas Lee. Silas is RJ and Angel’s cousin. Silas and RJ are the same age but Silas acts like a protective big brother. Silas’s father Jarrod Lee is the owner and head trainer at Renaissance Martial Arts Training Center. Silas has been training in martial arts since he was four years old. He is very passionate about all forms of martial arts. Silas goal is to be world champion in sport karate, jiu jitsu, kickboxing, and mixed martial arts. Silas believes that iron sharpens iron and he wants anyone training with him to put their best foot forward and workout hard to the best of their abilities. He wants his training partners to improve because it will eventually help him to improve his owns skills. When Silas isn’t training in martial arts he enjoys reading books, watching historical documentaries, watching martial arts movies and mixed martial arts matches.


Buckley Jack Hawthorne

Buckley Pic01

Meet Buckley Jack. Buckley is RJ’s class mate and the school bully. His mother put him in martial arts classes so he could develop self-discipline. Buckley is a work in progress and is constantly being mischievous. Even though the instructors have seen a slight change in Buckley’s attitude, he still causes mischief in school and at home. The instructors will have to have patience with this student.


Kingston Hunter


Meet Kingston Hunter. Kingston is best friends with RJ and Silas. He is optimistic and cheerful, and usually jokes about whatever issue is at hand. He is very protective of his little sister Nita but is also her primary antagonist.


Noah Abrams

Noah Pic

Meet Noah Abrams. Noah is class mates with Angel, and would like to be Angels bestfriend. Noah is very intelligent, inquisitive and listens to whatever Angels says.


Skylar Woodley

Skylar Pic

Meet Skylar Woodley. Skylar is a class mate of Silas. She absolutely does not like bullys and often comes to the aid of someone who is being mistreated. The kids at the training center affectionately call her the mother. She is a high ranking student and the girls in the training center look up to her.

Rashad and Alisha Miller

Rashad PicAlisha Pic

Rashad and Alisha Miller are RJ, and Angels parents. They keep RJ and Angel in various activities throughout Detroit.


Jarrod Lee

Jarrod Pic

Jarrod Lee is Silas father. He is the owner and head instructor at Renaissance Martial Arts Training Center. After he won a $100,000 law suit, he stopped teaching at the YMCA and opened the training center. He hired his wife Erin to teach cardio kickboxing and he hired a sales manager, a boxing coach, wrestling coach, and jiu jitsu instructor. He plans to make his training center the number one school in Detroit.